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Detailed knowledge about every possible aspect for any product being traded globally.

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What is Trade Foresight?

Trade Foresight, a one-stop solution that opens the doors to making smart and effective trade strategies and decisions.

A comprehensive solution to all your needs for trade related information, Trade Foresight opens the doors to consolidated analysis of trade data from a variety of Data Sources and thus empowers Governments and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with a complete horizon of econometrics with in-depth understanding of legal circumstances leading to better business and trade decision making.

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Strengthening Trade Strategy

Trade is a negotiation game hence governments/enterprises need to be well-prepared when they sit at the negotiation table. It is crucial, thus, to have near-to-perfect information about their own trading patterns and the trade patterns of partner countries. This helps them to get the most out of trade deals. TRADE FORESIGHT aids in this aspect by providing up-to-date data and help them in keeping an upper-hand.

Tackling Trade Barriers

In present times, tariffs are usually low as being a WTO member ensures lower tariffs. However, with the advent of different quality standards imposed on food items, surgical instruments, life-saving drugs etc. there has been a rise in non-tariff barriers (NTBs) to trade in goods and services. TRADE FORESIGHT helps governments and enterprises alike to facilitate evidence-based policy reform, focusing on NTBs.

Encapsulating Value Chains

With the rise in global value chains, it is important that economies focus more on promoting trade and opening borders. However, such actions are not always possible due to lack of trade facilitation measures and infrastructure development. By providing governments/enterprises with the necessary information and data on their current infrastructure scenario and helping them forecast the benefits of investing in such development, TRADE FORESIGHT facilitates in strengthening institutional infrastructure for regional and global integration.

Maximizing Tariff Revenues

Products that an economy is better at producing than others is its comparative advantage. Therefore economies need to be well aware about the goods they specialize in and the ones they should invest for import to ensure minimal losses in tariff revenue. In order to determine comparative advantage, economy needs accurate and timely data as well as complex computations. TRADE FORESIGHT helps in providing both, to help governments save time and focus on creating efficient and effective policies.

Creating Public-private Synergy

The inclusion of SMEs perspective in policy-making process is crucial in linking them to global value chains and enhancing their competitiveness. By providing micro-level data to the governments and by providing government policies to SMEs, TRADE FORESIGHT helps in bridging this gap between public and private sector and thus, helps both in achieving their respective goals and perform at optimal level. Furthermore, TRADE FORESIGHT maintains database regarding international standards applied to different products which helps SMEs stay up-to-date and raise their product quality to the par.

Value Proposition

TRADE FORESIGHT is a one of its kind solution that unifies economy embellishing essentials by providing revolutionary features:

Worldwide Trade Data

TRADE FORESIGHT provides the ability to search for trade data from a wider horizon, like regional to granule level, like specific industry of a given country.

Product Level Data Catalogue

TRADE FORESIGHT also gives a single view platform where user can have detailed knowledge about every possible aspect for any product being traded globally.


Certain factors for trade hold great significance and should be monitored frequently in order to identify which areas are lagging.

Out Of The Box Visualizations

TRADE FORESIGHT provides insightful visualizations to help monitor and effectively manage your trade and make competent decisions that are crucial for trading both at national and international level.

Smart Text

“Smart Text” is the feature that allows the user to navigate to specific pre-defined links against the country or products within in-text descriptions of analysis.

Alerts And Notifications

The users can also receive alerts and notifications on the set benchmarks or peak variations, to keep them informed so that risk and potential issues are minimized.


Touch-optimized reports and dashboards put critical information at user’s fingertips no matter what their location is. With TRADE FORESIGHT’s Mobile Analytics, complex analysis can be done on-the-go.

Key Performance Indicators

TRADE FORESIGHT’s facilitates its audience with wide library of KPIs allowing its users to get a comprehensive analysis.

Success Story

Inseyab developed and deployed a customised Trade Portal at Saudi Export Development Authority, as a comprehensive one stop solution that would incorporate the needs of Data analysts, Executive Management, Government Officials and Traders, providing them with timely and meaningful Export and Import related analytics for various countries, industries and products, improving the quality and transparency of trade-related information, and strengthening public-private dialogue.

Built on the data pulled from various credible sources including but not limited to WORLD BANK, WITS, SAMA, UN COMTRADE to name a few, along with SEDA’s local data sources added as part of the overall Data Warehouse, Trade Foresight supports SEDA by:

  • Translating trade-related information into trade intelligence;
  • Supporting Saudi Export Development Authority in meeting their Government’s vision for 2030;
  • Helping SEDA explore potential markets for export of non-oil based products, in an effort to move from an oil-based to a more balanced economy.
  • Raising awareness and capacity of SMEs on the use of trade information.
  • Enabling Saudi SMEs and Traders to understand the global trading environment and take data driven decisions such as what to export, where, and when!

The platform further provides relevant information for the final users via advance visualizations both on web portal and dashboards, enabling smart decision- making capabilities and up-to date trade related information to SEDA. It does this by providing Holistic Global Trade Information for all globally traded products, market analysis and economic overview.

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Added Features

  • Connect from potentially unlimited data sources
  • Flexible to choose custom visualizations and reporting as per the analyst’s requirement
  • Row level security to ensure authorized access to data
  • Secure caching of dashboards to enable easy offline analysis
  • Faster deployment giving quick ROI upon investments