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Trade Foresight - A Trade Tech Company

Striving to digitize & complete the global trade value chain, utilizing expertise of globally recognized economists, trade & technology experts & prepare MSME's for the 21st century trade challenges & assist policy makers in formulating trade framework. Our flagship product Trade Foresight™ is  World's first Analytics & Data Driven Trade Platform which is reflective of our unflagging commitment toward our "vision and mission".            

Vision : Digitizing & Connecting Analytics & Data Driven Sustainable Global Trade Value Chains. 

Mission : With comprehensive data consolidated into a single platform from multiple authentic sources & make trade data accessible & actionable globally to MSME’s, Trade related Policy Makers, Government Entities & Corporate Sector & assist in taking smart & effective trade decisions. 

22 +
Authentic Trade Data Sources
7000 +
Globally Traded Level 6 HS Code product
62 +
Trade KPI's
1000000 +
Credible Traders Data
190 +
Countries Trade data, Analytics & Authorities
600 +
Multilateral Trade Agreements
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Analytics & Information from globally recognized 22+ data sources, on 7000+ Globally traded level 6 HS Codes Products & 44,357 PC Codes Products, using specially formulated 62+ Trade KPI’s will help you gain insights to make informed decisions highlight problems, potential risks and identify cost saving opportunities that can support your business favourably.

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  1. Global Trade Directory : Contains 10+Million authentic Global Traders.
  2. Trade Now : Market place for buy & sell.
  3. Match & Meet : Find, connect, & meet traders of your Interest
  4. Virtual Meetup : Call your buyer/seller or join an ongoing meeting.
  5. Market Search : Search current & potential markets
  6. Trade Procedures & Documentations : Guidelines on complete procedures & documentation required to export/import globally.

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  1. SAAS based Trade Portal.
  2. Customized White label deployment of our trade portal.
  3. Mobile App - Traders Lounge for our clients to connect, post & trade ON-THE-GO.
  4. Data Connectors - Trade KPIs.
  5. Establishing Trade Centre of Excellence.
  6. Complete solution on brand design, development , image building , marketing, search engine optimization & preparing MSMEs for global markets
  7. Dedicated key account manager service for guidance.
  8. Trade coaching: Preparing SME for global market, export strategy, trade financing, contracts & documentation,
  9. Smart Warehousing with Tagging, Smart Packaging ,International Shipping Local Pickup & Delivery.
  10. Guidance on product packaging.
  11. Shipment Quality Inspection.
Complete package details available on request.

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Based in UAE, a global trading hub, we provide personalized B2B solution & representative services to connect traders globally under our “Global Connect Initiative”


TFS value proposition

TradeForesight™ is a revolutionary platform that opens the doors to making smart and effective trade decisions and strategies. With a comprehensive data consolidated into a single platform from multiple authentic sources, TradeForesight™ broaden the horizons of global trade for , micro small medium enterprises  (MSMEs), Large Scale Industries, Governments & Researchers . 


Strengthening Trade Strategy

Trade is a negotiation game therefore TradeForesight™ allows access to have near-to-perfect information about country’s trading patterns and the trade patterns of partner countries.


Tackle Trade Barriers

Often Traders or Trade Policy Institutions need crucial information on any Tariff or Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs ) existing between trading partners. TradeForesight™ with access to data of various multilateral trade related conventions eases this information seeking.


Maximize Tariff Revenues

Countries may be better-off in trading the products or services in which they specialize, Trade Foresight™ assists the Trade Policy Makers to get crucial computations on comparative advantage with respect to products, services and geographical locations.


Encapsulate Value Chains

Trade Policy Makers need to be aware about the challenges that remain with the institutional infrastructure for local and global integrations hence TradeForesight™ provides governments/enterprises with the necessary information and data on their current infrastructure scenario.


Creating Public-private Synergy

TradeForesight™ provides granular-level trade data to the governments and policy makers and to Traders, MSMEs or Large-Scale Industries thus helping in bridging the gap between public and private sector.

TFS Business Values

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Trade foresight Team

We've been building creative tools together for over a decade and have a deep appreciation for software applications

Engr. Urooj Seemeen

Product Designer

Muhammad Saad Khan

Project Manager

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Trade Foresight Offerings

Trade Foresight offers various models to tailor your business needs.

White Label Deployment

Give your traders a unique experience with Trade Foresight deployed specifically for your organization. Your theme, your logos, your images – our Platform. You can include your specific features in the platform, so that your users can experience a unique Global Trade Experience while enjoying your specific business services.

Data Connectors

We provide data connector through which companies can access global trade related data in their own environment. Data connector covers all the needs of the customer to make their trade decisions easier and smarter, with a plug and play data connector right into the customer’s environment. 

TF Portal

Use Data and Analytics to find best markets, connect with right partners and execute Trade. We have data of over 10+ Million authentic global buyers/sellers, 12,000 registered users, Trade Statistics of over 7000+ HS codes products and 196 Countries plus a strong support team of Trade Experts to help you! Subscribe now!

Branding and Design

  • Digital Company profile
  • Professional Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Professional Product Photography
  • Digital Product Catalogue
  • Social Media Marketing

Trade Coaching

  • Make your company export ready
  • Guidance in trade finance   
  • Consult on contracts and documentation
  • Export Strategy related training
  • Guidance on product packaging

Smart Logistics and Inspection

    • Smart Warehousing with Tagging
    • Smart Packaging
    • International Shipping
    • Local Pickup and Delivery Services
    • Shipment Quality Inspection

Key Account Manager

  • Setup your business account at Trade foresight Portal
  •  Assist & guide you to understand the platform
  • Our accounts manager will conduct online 24 B2B meetings to connect you with the exporter/importer
  • Provide you complete training of the platform
  • Guide you how you can use buyers’ data base to connect with the clients
  • Conduct Gap Analysis (shows the potential and existing market of your product line)
  • Search markets for your product line
  • Conduct B2B meetings with the clients
  • Verify buyers and sellers through DnB verification of  businesses and companies
  • Find buyers and suppliers whose requirement will be matched by your minimum order of quantity

Trade Center of Excellence

Central Room with all dashboards available for viewing and
decision making for executives of local trade authorities

  • Training and Mentoring local traders and guiding them in
    their trade decisions
  • Compliance with regulations related to standards
  • Advice and Consulting for Traders
  • Assisting Traders in their decision making process
  • Recommending Governments in terms of Export Policy Development
  • Collecting Data from Traders related to their trade needs and domain
  • Helping align local trade activities with the government
    policy and strategy



Trade Foresight enabled me to to explore the potential markets untapped and made it easier for me to import the required goods on best price. It greatly helped me in connecting with multiple new suppliers to expand my business further.

Shreyar Ali
Shreyar Ali , (Paramount Enterprises)

With TFS’s white label deployment at SEDA (Saudi Export Development Authority), we were able to promote non-oil based exports and gather enough market intelligence to seek potential avenues to increase Saudi Export base. Its fast deployment allowed us a quick ROI, in few months we were able to see desired results

Mohammad Ahmer
Mohammad Ahmer – Program Manager (Saudi Exports Development Authority

We had our custom developed portal that required further data enrichment. With TFS’s Data Connectors we enhanced Karandaaz Portal with more trade related data KPIs to give trader’s and MSME’s a holistic perspective on trade landscape from Pakistan.

Mehr Shah
Mehr Shah – Director (Karandaaz)
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