Mango import and export refer to the trade activities involving the buying and selling of mangoes between different countries. Mangoes are grown in various regions around the world, and countries with favorable climates and agricultural resources often export their surplus mangoes to meet the demand in other countries. Importing countries rely on these exports to offer a diverse range of mango varieties to their consumers while exporting countries benefit from the economic opportunities and international market reach provided by mango trade. The import and export of mangoes contribute to global food supply chains and promote cultural exchange through the sharing of this beloved tropical fruit.

  1. India: As the world’s largest producer of mangoes, India is a key exporter, supplying a wide variety of mango cultivars to numerous countries. It has a well-established export infrastructure and dominates the global mango export market.
  2. Mexico: Known for its unique and flavorful mango varieties such as Ataulfo and Tommy Atkins, Mexico is a major exporter. The country’s proximity to the United States allows for efficient transportation, making it a significant player in the global mango trade.
  3. Thailand: Thailand is renowned for its delicious and aromatic mangoes, particularly the popular “Nam Dok Mai” variety. The country’s advanced farming techniques and strong export network have positioned it as a prominent mango exporter in the global market.
  4. The Philippines: With its rich agricultural resources, the Philippines is a significant exporter of mangoes, particularly the well-known “Carabao” variety. Its export industry benefits from favorable growing conditions and a long mango season.
  5. Pakistan: Pakistan is a major player in the global mango trade, known for its high-quality and flavorful mango varieties such as Sindhri and Anwar Ratol. The country has a robust export industry, reaching various countries around the world.
  6. Ecuador: While primarily recognized for its banana exports, Ecuador also exports a substantial amount of mangoes. The country’s favorable climate and fertile soil contribute to the production of top-quality mangoes, making it an important exporter in the global market.
  7. Brazil: Brazil boasts a diverse range of mango cultivars and has a growing presence in the international mango export market. Its mangoes are known for their juiciness and tropical flavors, making them sought-after by consumers worldwide.
  8. Peru: Peru has emerged as a notable mango exporter, leveraging its favorable climate and unique mango varieties. The country’s export industry has seen steady growth, driven by the increasing demand for Peruvian mangoes in various global markets.
  9. Israel: Israel has developed a reputation for its high-quality mangoes, which are exported to several countries. The country’s advanced agricultural techniques, including irrigation systems, contribute to the production of premium mangoes and its success as an exporter.
  10. United States: While the United States is primarily a mango importer, it also exports a significant amount of mangoes to neighboring countries. Florida, California, and Hawaii are major mango-producing states, supplying a portion of the domestic demand and exporting surplus mangoes when available.

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